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In-line pits

in-line pits

Type 900 in-line pits are the same width as the trench run. The polymer concrete in-line top allows use of the same grate as the trench run for seamless aesthetics.

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polycrete in-line top
in-line rubbish basket
shallow rubbish basket
Deep rubbish basket
plastic base
plastic riser

Polymer concrete in-line top
with galvanised or stainless steel edge rail.

In-line rubbish basket
fits the Type 900 in-line pits for the 100mm and 200mm systems.

Shallow rubbish baskets
fits the Type 900 in-line pit for the 300mm system.

Deep rubbish baskets
fits the Type 900 in-line pit with the plastic riser for the 300mm system..

Plastic base
with choice of outlet sizes and locations.

Optional Plastic Riser
to increase depth and hydraulic output.

Both K1-901 & K2-902 in-line pits use same base - provides suitable width/access for pipe maintenance.

Note: "G" indicates galvanised steel edge rail and "S" indicates stainless steel edge rail