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ACO Australia’s revamped website


ACO Australia new websiteTo keep customers up-to-date with the latest products and corporate news, ACO has revitalised its Australian operations website. The new site comprehensively covers the product range that is available for use in private, commercial, and industrial applications, as well as providing useful detail of case studies and industry information surrounding their use.

To ensure that installers, specifiers and any other users of ACO products are informed of the depth of the site, this article will provide an overview.

Product Solutions
To help site visitors with access to information, ACO has organised its product range into meaningful groups. This easy-to-view format allows visitors to find products quickly. The groups are clearly visible from the home page and are:

Within each of these categories, an easy to navigate set of tabs reveals product solution specific information including:

  • Introduction: This section provides a brief overview of the features of the product solution as well as supplying links to more detailed information on the product/s described.
  • Technical Support: This section provides customers with access to highly-qualified technical support for project specific advice to ensure that the correct product solution has been selected. Additionally this section provides access to specification tools.
  • Case Studies: This section provides installers with a list of recent case studies and should assure customers of the suitability of ACO’s products by viewing similar successful installations in Australian projects.
  • News: This section lists all news articles relevant to the selected product and intended application. The articles cover information including new product releases, recently released codes and practices, and tips and advice for installation.

About ACO
To inform site visitors of ACO outside of its extensive product range, the website also contains a detailed About ACO section that provides all relevant corporate information for customers. This section is further broken down into several sub-sections for site visitors searching for specific information:

  • ACO Australia
    Provides an overview of ACO’s support, production and material competencies and corporate history.
  • ACO Careers
    The careers section provides information on ACO Australia’s management team. The section also provides a list of reasons as to why people should join the organisation with an insight into its corporate environment.  
  • ACO Mission
    This outlines, in detail, the mission statement for the company whose philosophy centres on ecologically managing waste, storm water and cables. ACO affirms its commitment to ensuring its products are safe, environmentally and visually compatible; and maintain the safety and hygiene standards of the environments they are installed in.
  • ACO Education
    ACO provides highly-trained and experienced professionals to consult with outside companies and organisations regarding a number of topics. This section allows customers to request training from ACO professionals to further develop their skills.
  • Public Relations
    Divided into three sub-sections, the Public Relations section comprehensively details the public interactions that ACO maintains on a regular basis. These interactions consist of:
    - Tradeshows (including a list of upcoming ACO tradeshow appearances).
    - Social Media (including links to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as its YouTube channel).
    - News (keeping interested parties informed with corporate news).

While thorough, this article only provides a passing detail on the contents of the website. To gain a further insight into how ACO Australia can help you achieve superior solutions the website can be found here:

If you want to find out more about any of ACO’s products for urban landscapes, call 1300 765 226 to speak with an expert – or contact us right now via email.


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