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Multiparts with fire rating

ACO offers a range of Multipart ductile iron access covers that include a fire rating for additional protection.

Multipart access covers combine standard size covers in multiple rows and lengths and is used when a single-part cover does not offer a large enough clear opening or if smaller individual covers are required for easy lifting. 

Certain applications may require that a cover offers a certain degree of fire resistance.

A fire rated cover is a standard access cover system which has a fire rated barrier installed beneath it to protect against flames, smoke, fumes and heat for up to 2 hours as required in AS 1530.  Each system is custom made and ACO will work closely with you to supply a suitable fire rated system for the requirements of each application.

The following information is intended as a guide to the factors involved in specifying a fire cover.

Any standard cover can be supplied as a fire rated cover, but due to the addition of the fire barrier, clear opening will be reduced.  Pit rebates support the fire resistant barrier.

The fire resistant barrier will need to be supported by either a formed ledge in the pit or a fabricated ledge - these ledges are used to support the framework which holds the fire resistant material (see image).

Safety Gates
Safety gates may be required in certain states to protect the non-load bearing fire rated barrier.  Safety gates fit to the sides of the pit below the cover and a safety catch is required to hold the gates open to prevent them falling closed and trapping someone inside the pit.

Fire Resistance Material
An asbestos free material rated to 2 hours to AS 1530 is standard, higher ratings are also available.

Multipart ductile iron access cover with fire rating

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