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ACO’s Technical Services department offers obligation free advice to ensure the correct product is chosen.

Extensive research and development, both independently and in conjunction with leading academic institutions and research bodies, is the cornerstone of ACO’s success.

DWG file extension format is available to assist planning, specification and installation.

Typical installation drawings, methodologies, site specific guides and specification clauses available for download in dwg or pdf.

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Steps that take you through the key decisions in selecting the correct trench drain system according to your requirements.

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Understand the design criteria for choosing grates for trench drains.

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Have a question about our products?

Check out our FAQs here, or contact us.

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Project Support

ACO has an established Technical Services Department with many years experience advising on the use of grated trench drains generally and for individual projects.

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Submit your technical requirements.

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CPD Training

To help professionals stay abreast of the issues that are associated with the specification of products, ACO offers free education presentations.

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