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Grated Channel Drain Systems by ACO Drain

Welcome to ACO Drain, the home of innovative grated channel drain solutions.

Our speciality lies in drainage channels, with a diverse range of products designed to cater to various applications, from industrial to commercial and urban projects.

Our grated channel drain systems provide outstanding drainage as well as contribute to the aesthetics of your space.

With a unique, carefully crafted design, our channel drains integrate flawlessly with your surroundings, giving your next project a contemporary look.

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What is a Grated Channel Drain System?

A grated channel drain is a type of drainage system featuring a highly optimised, long, narrow design.

Unlike traditional round outdoor drains, channel drains extend along a line, enabling them to handle a higher volume of water, thereby preventing issues with water pooling.

These drains are particularly suitable for external areas, such as driveways and pavements, where efficient drainage is essential.

Each channel drain is designed with robust channel grates for durability and easy maintenance. We offer an extensive range of stainless steel grates to suit your various design requirements as well as a huge range of linear grates.

Benefits of Choosing a Grated Channel Drain System

One of the primary advantages of a grated channel drain system is the flexibility it offers in landscape design.

Channel drains can be installed adjacent to walls or in the direction of the slope, facilitating the harmonisation of the drain with your outdoor layout.

This results in a sleek, modern look for your outdoor space. Plus, the installation process of channel drains is quick and straightforward for your team.

The linear design requires a single slope, simplifying the construction process and promoting efficient drainage by directing water to a single channel.

Applications of our Grated Channel Drains

Grated channel drains are suitable for a multitude of applications and regularly feature in major commercial projects. In more residential settings, channel drains are commonly used in patios and driveways.

Their streamlined design complements outdoor landscaping, enhancing the overall appearance of your space. Commercially, channel drains have been successfully installed in public parks, hotels, and industrial zones around Australia.

Their impressive water management capacity makes them ideal for applications requiring efficient drainage.

Grated Channel Drain – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a grated channel drain system and how does it work?

A grated channel drain system, also known as a trench drain, is designed to manage water overflows in outdoor spaces. It consists of a long, narrow channel covered by a grate. Water flows into the drain through the grates and is guided by the channel’s slight slope towards an outlet, ensuring effective and efficient drainage. These systems are particularly useful in areas that require high-capacity drainage, such as driveways, patios, and commercial properties.

How does the installation process of a grated channel drain differ from a traditional outdoor drain?

The installation process of a grated channel drain differs primarily in its placement and the required landscaping slope. Unlike traditional outdoor drains typically positioned in the center of the area, a grated channel drain spans the length or width of the area and requires a unidirectional slope. The channel is usually installed along an edge or wall, with the surrounding ground sloping towards it. This design simplifies the installation process, making grated channel drains an efficient drainage solution for various outdoor spaces.

Are grated channel drains suitable for commercial applications?

Absolutely, grated channel drains are highly suitable for commercial applications. Their high-capacity design is ideal for managing substantial water flow, which is often found in commercial settings such as parking lots, sidewalks, and public spaces. Additionally, the robust grates made from stainless steel can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. With various grate styles available, our grated channel drains also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces, making them a practical and attractive drainage solution.

How can grated channel drains improve water flow?

Grated channel drains can significantly enhance water flow due to their long, linear design. The grates allow water to enter the channel from a large surface area, facilitating quick water intake. Inside the drain, the streamlined and continuous channel design guides the water effectively towards the outlet, preventing water pooling and enhancing overall drainage efficiency.

Trust ACO Drain® for Your Channel Drain Needs

At ACO Drain®, we’re dedicated to prioritising the needs of our many customers. Our products are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance.

Our grated channel drains are made using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity over many years. Our range of channel drains, including drainage channels with robust channel grates, offer the design flexibility and superior functionality you need. We also manufacture strip drain systems & slot drains.

Browse our product range and see how ACO Drain® can transform your space. For any queries, feel free to contact our team.

Let’s bring your vision to life with ACO Drain, your trusted partner in channel drain solutions.

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