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Discover Superior Outdoor Drainage with ACO Drain's Strip Drain Systems

Welcome to ACO Drain, where we bring you the very best in strip drain systems.

Our strip drains are the perfect drainage solution for all outdoor areas, providing superior performance and sleek aesthetics in one comprehensive package.

Made from the highest quality materials, our strip drains offer durable and reliable drainage that doesn’t compromise on design.

Explore our drainage systems and contact our experts to find out more.

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What Are Strip Drain Systems?

Strip drain systems, often simply referred to as strip drains, are a type of drainage system featuring a slim, elongated design.

Unlike traditional drains, strip drains span a linear path across the ground, managing larger quantities of water more efficiently, and eliminating the issues of water pooling and leaking.

Using a strip drain outdoors is another effective solution. Outdoor strip drains have many common applications such as gardens, patios, driveways and even swimming pools. We also manufacture a huge range of trench drains and slot drains for commercial and residential properties.

Benefits of our Strip Drains

Aside from their impressive water management, strip drains bring a contemporary and streamlined appearance to any outdoor space.

Their unique drainage strip design integrates seamlessly with any landscape, be it residential or commercial.

The simple and efficient installation process, coupled with the flexibility of placement direction, allows strip drains to seamlessly blend with your design while efficiently fulfilling all drainage requirements.

Explore our Range of Strip Drains

ACO Drain® offers an extensive range of strip drains suitable for all kinds of applications. From stainless steel grates to plastic grates, you can choose from a variety of materials to suit your project needs. Our products are designed to meet Australian standards, offering a large range and other accessories for a complete installation.

ACO Drain® Strip Drain Systems in Commercial Applications

Strip drains are commonly used in a range of commercial, industrial and urban applications. Their sleek design and impressive drainage capabilities make them perfect for public spaces, parks, hotels, and resorts. Whether you need to install drainage around swimming pools or in showers in a commercial setting, our strip drains are your go-to solution.

Strip Drain Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

How do strip drains prevent water pooling and leaking?

Strip drains are designed with an elongated shape that efficiently channels water in one direction, preventing pooling. Their swift water management minimises surface water contact, reducing the risk of leaks. Additionally, strip drains are made of durable materials that resist water exposure, further preventing leaks. The extensive range of customisable strip drains ensures optimal water management for different layouts and circumstances, offering an efficient drainage solution.

How does the installation process of strip drains work?

The installation of strip drains is straightforward. The drain is set along a single slope direction in the desired outdoor area, with the landscape sloping towards the strip drain to facilitate water flow into it. The drain is then connected to an appropriate water outlet. The slim, linear drain design and available lengths of strip drains ensure adaptability to various spaces, making installation easier compared to traditional drains that require a multidirectional slope.

Are strip drains suitable for commercial applications?

Yes, strip drains are well-suited for commercial applications. Their robust design and efficient water management make them ideal for high-traffic areas. They come with a wide range of grate options, including sturdy stainless steel and slip-resistant galvanised steel grates, enabling them to handle heavy use. Additionally, strip drains provide a modern and aesthetically pleasing drainage solution, and their quick and easy installation makes them a popular choice for commercial projects.

Do ACO Drain® strip drains comply with Australian standards?

Yes, ACO Drain® strip drains are meticulously designed to comply with all Australian standards. Their hot-dip galvanised steel and stainless steel grates not only provide durability and efficient water flow but also meet the strict safety and quality guidelines set out by Australian regulatory bodies. Whether used in commercial applications or residential spaces, ACO Drain® ensures the highest level of adherence to these standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

Choose ACO Drain® Strip Drains – Contact Us Today

Choosing ACO Drain® strip drains means opting for superior quality and exceptional design. Our durable strip drain systems are not just about function – they add a touch of elegance to your space too.

With compliance with Australian standards and offering a wide range to suit different needs, ACO Drain® outdoor strip drains ensure you achieve the best drainage solution for your outdoor spaces.

Whether you are a builder, architect or project manager, our strip drains are your ideal choice for any outdoor drainage project.

Browse through our range of strip drain systems and make your selection today. For any queries, feel free to contact us. At ACO Drain®, we are always ready to assist you in achieving the best for your projects.

Get in touch with us today and discover the ACO Drain® difference.

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