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Stormwater Pits by ACO Drain: Efficient Drainage for Stormwater Management

Welcome to ACO Drain and our extensive range of stormwater pits, the leading commercial surface drainage solution in Australia.

Our stormwater drainage products specialise in catering to various commercial applications, from industrial properties to large urban areas.

Our stormwater pits and storm drain grates ensure efficient drainage and amplify the aesthetics of your outdoor space, ensuring secure proceedings.

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What is a Stormwater Pit?

Stormwater pits, also known as drainage pits, are a key component in managing rainwater and stormwater on your property.

These pits are connected to the stormwater drainage system through a network of pipes, collecting water from roofs and ground surfaces, preventing flooding.

Our stormwater pits come with a durable stormwater grate, preventing debris from entering the system.

They can be used effectively where an existing pavement has been finished with undulating falls for point drainage, or for the collection of concentrated surface water runoff.

ACO’s Grated Pits are designed for surface water management and are lightweight, easy to transport and handle and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Select from a choice of storm drain grates in 3 styles including Heelsafe® Anti-Slip

Benefits of Working With our Stormwater Pits

Choosing stormwater pits provides an efficient way to manage rainwater and prevent water pooling that could pose a risk to your property.

The installation of our stormwater pits is a secure proceeding that streamlines the site connection process.

Our stormwater pits are easy to install thanks to their simple design, making stormwater pit installation a straightforward task for your team.

Applications of our Stormwater Pits

Our stormwater pits are suitable for various applications, from residential properties to large commercial projects.

You can find our stormwater pits in driveways, parking lots, and gardens, among other trafficable areas.

To suit different project requirements, we offer an extensive range of grate options, all designed to withstand the traffic of pedestrian and vehicular loads, ensuring a safe and secure surface. We also manufacture an extensive range of channel drain systems that are perfect for commercial and residential use.

Stormwater Pits – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stormwater pit system and how does it work?

A stormwater pit system is an integral part of modern drainage infrastructure designed to collect and redirect stormwater, effectively preventing pooling and potential flooding on the ground. It functions as a crucial intersection in the stormwater drainage network by collecting water from surfaces such as roofs, driveways, and other trafficable areas through a stormwater grate. This grate filters out debris to ensure efficient operation. The collected water is then redirected through connected PVC pipes or similar drainage conduits. Stormwater pits ensure the safe management of water flow, even under conditions of high rainfall or water runoff from adjacent areas.

How does the installation process of a stormwater pit differ from a traditional drainage pit?

The installation process of a stormwater pit differs from a traditional drainage pit mainly due to its connection to a storm drain system and the incorporation of a grate. Unlike a basic drainage pit, the stormwater pit installation involves integrating the pit with existing stormwater infrastructure, typically through PVC pipes or similar conduits. Additionally, the stormwater pit includes a stormwater grate, which helps filter out debris and prevent blockages, enhancing its effectiveness in managing rainwater runoff and mitigating potential flooding.

Are stormwater pits suitable for commercial applications?

Yes, our stormwater pits are suitable for commercial applications. They offer an effective surface drainage solution for commercial environments, capable of withstanding high volumes of legitimate traffic. These pits ensure the safety and functionality of the site, with their robust design and efficient rainwater management capabilities preventing water pooling and flooding, thus maintaining the integrity of commercial infrastructure. Their compatibility with various grate options allows customisation to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs.

How do stormwater pits enhance stormwater management?

Stormwater pits significantly enhance stormwater management by capturing and directing rainwater and runoff into the drainage system, preventing pooling and potential flooding. The pits effectively manage the legitimate traffic of stormwater and accommodate a range of grate options to facilitate the capture of water while preventing debris from entering the system. This design not only complies with Australian standards but also enables efficient rainwater direction to the desired site connection, optimising stormwater management and maintaining safe and dry conditions.

Stormwater Pits from ACO Drain® – Contact Us Now

At ACO Drain, we prioritise customer satisfaction in all that we do. Our stormwater drainage products are seamless to install and require minimal maintenance.

Our stormwater pits and storm drain grates are manufactured to Australian standards, ensuring durability and longevity.

For any queries or to order, feel free to contact our team. With ACO Drain®, your trusted partner in stormwater drainage solutions, we bring your project vision to life.

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