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ACO Drain® is the market leading brand in urban, commercial and industrial drainage solutions.

ACO has been manufacturing and supplying products to urban and civil infrastructure projects in Australia for over 25 years and worldwide for over 50 years.

The range comprises modular and durable drainage channels, manufactured from corrosion-resistant polymer concrete. To suit many applications, our range of AS 3996 compliant grates, slotted tops and linear permeable pavers come in a variety of materials, finishes and load classes. Lockable grates are boltless for easy maintenance.

Channels are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300mm internal widths, with in-built fall to create up to 40 metres of continuous slope to enable drainage in flat pavements. Channels have a ‘V’ profile for superior hydraulic efficiency.

Commercial Trench Drains

The industry's most specifiable drain

ACO Drain Trench Drains

As a leading manufacturer of advanced drainage solutions, we are experts in our field and have invested heavily to support you.

ACO is staffed by qualified engineers and equipped with purpose-written computer software to offer you a design service that ensures the correct product is chosen for your project.

The service is fully documented and is offered free of charge and obligation.
Simply ask ACO for support

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Drain Solutions – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ACO Drain the market-leading brand in drainage solutions?

ACO Drain is the market-leading brand for drainage solutions due to its comprehensive and diverse range of products. The company offers various drainage systems specifically designed to manage stormwater runoff, protecting people from hazards and properties from potential damage. ACO Drain’s commitment to excellent service, product variety, and innovation in drainage systems places it at the forefront of the industry.

What materials are used to manufacture ACO Drain systems?

ACO Drain systems are manufactured from superior materials designed to withstand various environments and loads. The robust materials are selected for their longevity, strength, and ability to withstand the demands of urban, industrial, and commercial drainage systems. These materials are also beneficial for managing stormwater, mitigating erosion, and preventing soil degradation. ACO Drain features a variety of grates made from different materials to suit various applications and loads. The extensive range of materials used, combined with ACO’s commitment to the highest Australian standards, ensures that ACO Drain solutions are suited to a diverse range of drainage requirements, ensuring optimal function and performance across diverse environmental conditions.

What are the available sizes for the ACO Drain channels?

ACO Drain channels are designed to accommodate a wide variety of drainage requirements, offering channels in multiple sizes to suit diverse applications. They are available in four primary internal widths: 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, and 300mm. This range ensures suitability for different drainage system needs, whether for private properties, commercial establishments, or large-scale infrastructures. The diameter of the drain is chosen based on the area drained, the volume of water expected, and the nature of the surface, such as a parking lot or roadway. A unique feature of these channels is their in-built fall, capable of creating up to 40 meters of continuous slope, aiding in efficient water flow to prevent flooding and ground erosion. These varying widths provide excellent versatility in managing stormwater, enhancing the overall performance of your drainage system. We also manufacture linear drains and trench drains that are perfect for commercial and residential properties.

What should I consider when selecting the right drainage system?

When selecting the right drainage system, there are numerous factors to consider to ensure the system effectively manages runoff and prevents flooding. Consider the project’s requirements, study a plan showing elevations and the existence of any conflicting underground services, and gain an appreciation of the runoff flow pattern. With these considerations in mind, you can select suitable drain solutions that provide excellent performance and longevity.

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Commercial Drainage Solutions

Case studies for ACO Drain solutions

Nepean River Green Bridge Pentrith

The trafficable surfaces had to be efficiently drained and grates needed to be both pedestrian and cycle friendly. This required adherence to legislative requirements for slip resistance and bicycle wheel safety.

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The Market To Riverbank Link

Designers wanted a more visually interesting link between the markets and the riverbank for pedestrians and cyclists with paved footpaths, tree canopies, public art, street furniture, lighting and custom designed grates.

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Campbells Store, The Rocks

For pedestrian safety, designers wanted to keep pavement levels as flat as possible. Therefore, the drainage system needed to be positioned correctly to effectively intercept surface water effectively.

Read more about this here.

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