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ACO Drain: Linear Drains In Australia & Linear Grate Drain Excellence

Look no further for superior linear grate drain and linear drains in Australia solutions. ACO specialises in offering a comprehensive range of linear strip drain products that optimise the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor environments.

Made with a linear trench drain design, our drains blend seamlessly or contrast boldly with your pavement giving your next project a modern look.

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Why Trust ACO Drain for Your Linear Drain Needs?

  • Premium Quality: Our linear grate drain systems are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring resilience and long-lasting performance.
  • Australian Expertise: As proud providers of linear drains for Australian customers, we have localised solutions tailored to meet the unique drainage challenges of our Australian climate.
  • Versatility: Our range of linear strip drain products offers both versatility and style, adaptable to a wide variety of outdoor settings.

Explore Our Range of Products

Linear Grate Drain Systems

Discover our premium range of linear grate drain systems designed to offer both reliability and aesthetics, serving as a seamless addition to any landscape.

Proudly Providing Linear Drains In Australia

Tailored for Australian conditions, our comprehensive linear drains solutions meet both residential and commercial requirements for effective water management.

Linear Strip Drain Options

Our linear strip drain series offers sleek and modern designs that not only capture water effectively but also add a touch of elegance to any setting.

What is a Linear Drain System?

A linear drain, also known as a linear trench drain, is a type of drain with a long and narrow design.

Unlike traditional grated pits, linear drains extend along the drainage inlet enabling a continuous line of water capture which quickly and efficiently collects and transfers surface water off site.

Our linear drains come complete with an extensive range of grates with a variety of slot sizes, patterns and construction materials to suit different design requirements. This range comprises classic linear grates including our discreet grate for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

Benefits of Choosing a Linear Drain System

One of the primary advantages of a linear drain system is that it does not require a pavement to be anything other than flat or level. 

Linear drains offer optimum hydraulic performance, safety, ease of installation and maintenance. Linear drains are also ideal for draining large catchment areas with ease

Applications of our Linear Drains

Linear drains are suitable for a variety of applications, from urban to commercial and civil engineering projects.

Linear drains offer a wide range of grate options to meet the designer’s requirements. Additionally, linear drains are available in general purpose to heavy duty variants. Where construction depths are limited, compact shallow systems are also available as linear drains.

Linear Drain – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modular linear drain system and how does it work?

A modular linear drain system consists of factory-manufactured trench drains in small lengths for easy transport and handling. The modular linear drains are typically 50mm wide but can range up to 300mm in width. On-site, these modular drains are joined using their male/female interconnecting ends to create a level or continuously sloped run. The system efficiently collects and redirects water while providing a flat and level surface for pavements.

How does the installation of a linear drain differ from grated pits?

Installing a linear drain allows pavements to be flat and level, yet easily drainable. In contrast, grated pits require the pavement to have an undulating surface, which can pose risks of slips, trips, and falls for pedestrians. Linear drains offer a safer and more convenient solution for designers, installers, and pedestrians, as they mitigate against these hazards.

Are linear drains suitable for urban, commercial, and civil engineering applications?

Yes, linear drains are suitable for urban, commercial, and civil engineering applications. They are specified in professionally designed projects, considering factors such as load, hydraulics, and configurations on a project-specific basis. ACO offers a free technical service to address these considerations, and the suitability of linear drains can add significant value to all stakeholders involved. ACO can also manufacture drain covers & trench drains.

How large does a linear drain need to be to provide the right type of drainage?

The size of a linear drain must be determined based on the specific project requirements. This involves conducting a hydraulic analysis using a hydraulic design program. Once the analysis is done correctly, the appropriate size of the linear drain, channel, grate style, and the optimal layout can be specified. ACO provides a trench drain hydraulic service and drawing scheduling layout to assist in this process.

ACO Drain: Quality Linear Grate Drain & Linear Drain Solutions

Your journey to superior water management begins and ends with ACO Drain. As the unrivalled leader in linear grate drains and proud providerrs of linear drains Australia-wide, we not only meet your expectations—we shatter them. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our premium products to the dedicated customer service that makes your project a resounding success. Choose ACO Drain, and be part of a legacy of quality, innovation, and unmatched expertise in linear drainage solutions. For drainage that stands the test of time, there’s only one name you need to know: ACO Drain.

For any queries, feel free to contact our team. Let’s bring your vision to life with ACO, your trusted partner in linear drainage solutions.

Explore Our Range of Products

Elevate your drainage solutions with ACO Drain’s comprehensive product offerings tailored for quality and performance:

Grated Pits

Our Grated Pits are engineered for durability and efficiency, capturing and directing water to prevent flooding and erosion in a variety of outdoor settings.

Grated Drainage

Discover our extensive selection of Grated Drainage solutions, designed to offer robust water management while integrating seamlessly into your outdoor landscape.

Project Support

Take the guesswork out of your drainage project with our dedicated Project Support team. We’re here to guide you through every phase, from initial consultation to successful installation.

Choose ACO Drain today and experience unmatched quality across our range of drainage products.

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