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new tech handbook

ACO’s new trench drain technical handbook

ACO has just released the industry’s most comprehensive technical handbook and product catalogue. When selecting trench drains for a public…

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technical support

ACO’s Industry-leading technical support

When dealing with an industry-leading manufacturer of some of Australia’s greatest drainage solutions, you expect world-class customer support. ACO goes…

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geological and cultural significance

Two Australian projects of geological and cultural significance – From Art to Part

In 2018, ACO’s Freestyle grates were installed in two high profile Australian projects - the Market to Riverbank Link in…

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locally manufactured

Australian manufacturing alive and well with ACO innovation

Local manufacturing is critical to Australian business to stimulate ideas, diversity and innovation and when it thrives, the country’s long…

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drainage for floods and storms

External drainage solutions that protect building infrastructure from floods and storms

According to the Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, significant changes in water systems are expected to result from climate change.…

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harmonious urban streetscapes

Creating harmonious urban streetscapes and shared spaces for functionality, sustainability and originality

Whether its existing urban areas in need of an upgrade or urban architects eager to get their designer lens atop…

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poor pavement design

The unnecessary costs of poor drainage pavement design and how to avoid them

Australia loves its wide open spaces, and with plenty of land to work with, it makes sense to take advantage…

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specify aco drain

8 reasons why designers specify and contractors choose the world’s best commercial trench drain system

ACO’s market leading modular trench drain ACO’s trench drains are highly regarded in the construction industry for their drainage effectiveness,…

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WSUD recognition

ACO has received recognition for its products in two projects for a design’s adherence to the principles of WSUD

ACO has just featured in two high profile Australian projects for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and has received recognition…

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free drainage service

ACO’s free drainage services offer! All you need to know about drainage service optimisation

Project managers and designers, especially those working on projects in the urban environment, constantly face the threat of their budgets…

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installation device

ACO Installation device application and information

Any construction or installation project requires adequate planning. Failing to account for site specific conditions and restraints can lead to…

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car park drainage

Outdoor car parks: common hazards from a user’s perspective

When designing an outdoor car park, it pays to always be aware of the hazards that can adversely affect both…

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installation of trench drains

Installation of ACO’s Trench Drainage Products

ACO’s trench drain products are purpose-built to be able to withstand daily pedestrian and vehicle traffic in urban, industrial, road…

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aco civil construction products

ACO’s Civil Construction Products

It’s no secret that the manufacturing landscape in Australia has changed significantly, especially since the turn of the 21st century.…

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aco infrastructure

The Suitability of ACO’s Products for Urban Infrastructure Applications

ACO’s external civil construction products are specified in urban infrastructure applications to perform either a drainage or cable management function.…

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aco airport products

ACO’s Products for Airports

Airports present as one of the most diverse and challenging environments for external drainage systems, access covers, cable pits and…

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The Shape of a Trench Drain and How it Affects Hydraulic Performance

The inner shape of a trench drain has a significant influence on its hydraulic performance. The material from which this…

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