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Discreet drainage and service enclosures

Discreet Drainage And Service Enclosures

Beneath our feet, there are thousands of visible pavement elements overlying essential utilities and services. The most common are grates and covers.

  • A grate’s function is to ensure all the stormwater runoff from a pavement enters the drainage system efficiently
  • A cover’s function is to protect the contents (e.g. cables) of an enclosure from damage or unauthorised access

On occasion, designers and asset owners want to hide these elements from view without compromising performance. ACO can offer solutions to help create visually harmoniously pavements with off-the-shelf products.


ACO Brickslot

ACO Brickslot

ACO Ecopanel

ACO EcoPanel

Both slotted tops and linear permeable pavers are installed into Polycrete® Channels with a removable access available for maintenance.

Slotted tops are discreet drainage inlets for use with brick pavers, stone pavers and tiles. The discreet slots blend within the surrounding floor material for an aesthetic, sleek finish.

This also enables the slip resistance of the drain to be the same as the surrounding pavement.

  • Designed to be vehicular trafficked, heel, bicycle, wheelchair and walking cane friendly
  • Choice of stainless steel and galvanised steel
  • Available in a variety of slot configurations – single, double (adjacent or separated)

Ecopanel linear permeable pavers gives designers the opportunity to create borders or visual demarcation lines with pavement like materials which act to remove surface water.

  • Galvanised steel frame filled with a permeable UV stable resin-bonded aggregate slip resistance to AS 4586
  • Durable load bearing surface enclosed in an engineered frame allowing for water infiltration. Load rated to AS 3996
  • Available in eight marble/granite colours

Service enclosures

ACO Pavermate

ACO Pavermate

Cover and frame systems are often used in urban pavements and they can detract from the overall aesthetic if poorly specified. ACO can offer designers complete systems that ensure service pits blend seamlessly with their surrounds.

  • Available in single part, 2 part, 3 part, trench run and multipart configurations
  • Choice of ductile iron or galvanised steel, load rated to AS 3996
  • Stainless steel or brass edging
Need Help Specifying?

Need help specifying?

ACO offers free personalised advice or access to DIY software to assist you to size up
•    Your trench drain, click here
•    Your multipart access cover, click here

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