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DIY Software: Size up your trench drain

ACO have just launched HYDROlite™ – a DIY software program to assist designers and contractors select the correct size trench drain.


Trench drain hydraulics can be complex, as each system must be adapted to the unique catchment design of the site and getting it wrong can be costly. It can result in safety hazards, increased maintenance costs and, in extreme scenarios, flooding that undermines infrastructure.

HYDROlite™  is a simple hydraulics program that presents the user with a correctly sized trench drain through a 4-step process. Users can enter into the web-based program specific information relating to the site, such as the area to be drained, finished floor gradients and design rainfall intensity. The program will then make recommendations on effective drainage using an ACO solution.

This software will be available 24 hours a day without restriction and users will have the option to engage with ACO’s technical engineers and technical sales staff if required.

To access HYDROlite™,click here

ACO have also released a white paper on trench drain hydraulics where they share two decades of research and development in partnership with universities in Australia and overseas.

Since the 1990s, ACO have supplied the construction industry with a choice of world-class Australian made trench drains backed by a strong technical department equipped to offer project specific recommendations. ACO also offer the industry’s widest range of pedestrian safe grates and access covers.

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