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ACO’s Civil Construction Products

It’s no secret that the manufacturing landscape in Australia has changed significantly, especially since the turn of the 21st century. Prominent manufacturers and importers have come and gone, while new industry players continue to surprise and excel where others thought they would, not. This is the nature of the industry, and there’s no doubt that ACO plans to continue its philosophy of innovation, forward thinking and generate new methods of delivering outstanding customer service.

ACO historyACO’s Background

With a history spanning more than 60 years while servicing the construction industry, the ACO Group was first established in 1946; before opening in Australia in 1993. Operating across more than 40 countries, ACO is truly a global brand with 3,800+ employees worldwide.

Today, ACO’s product range consists of building drainage products, stormwater products, cable pits, access covers and a variety of other products for external and internal niche applications – with a particular emphasis on civil construction.

ACO Civil Construction Products

Overview of ACO’s Civil Construction Products – Surface Water Management

Let’s now take a look at some of ACO’s products ideal for civil construction projects starting with the drainage portfolio for stormwater applications. These are drainage systems that intercept and collect stormwater from external hardstand surfaces, remove oils from it, as well as hold it underground for reuse.

ACO Drain
The popular ACO Drain is well-suited for industrial, commercial and landscape applications. It is known as the world’s foremost modular grated trench drain system and consists of:

ACO Infrastructure
When it comes to transportation infrastructure, the ACO Infrastructure range has it all. Linear drainage systems are ideal for transport infrastructure projects where solutions are required for airport tarmacs, roads, rail and motorways, container ports and other areas for heavy duty applications. The ACO Infrastructure range is comprises:

  • Linear kerb drains known as KerbDrain.
  • Channels made from either durable polymer concrete or moulded polyethylene.A choice of removable and non-removable grates.

ACO Environment
Included as part of the ACO Environment range are light liquid separators that are created from corrosion resistant materials. They’re made with easy installation in mind, as well as with low maintenance.
These products include:

  • Small to large capacity units.
  • Lightweight bodies made from moulded polyethylene.

ACO StormBrixx
ACO StormBrixx is a patented plastic geo-cellular system ideal for stormwater management. The highlight of the system is its versatility, which means it can be used across any construction environment, and is ideal for heavy civil applications in particular.

  • Choose between a standalone solution and part of a SUDS scheme.
  • Designed especially for surface water storage, detention or infiltration

Overview of ACO’s Civil Construction Products – Utility Enclosures

ACO also market a range of ‘dry’ products. These are trafficable enclosures to ensure safe routing of services and access to underground utilities.

ACO Access
The well-known ACO Access range consists of frame and cover systems for application in heavy industrial, mechanical, water, sewer, architectural and civil areas. Moreover, all systems are compliant with AS 3996 and EN 124.
The ACO Access range includes:

  • Systems which vary in size and configuration from single to large multi-part units.
  • Trench runs.
  • Ductile iron (Rhinocast), and galvanised steel (Urbanfil) access covers.
  • Light weight access covers
  • Assisted lift access covers

ACO Cablemate
Ideal for the communications, construction and electrical industries; ACO Cablemate includes a variety of trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems.
The ACO Cablemate range includes:

  • Polycrete® Pits, which are rigid, strong and lightweight.
  • Moulded plastic pits, which are light duty but robust.
  • Linear surface ducting systems.
  •  Complete range of compatible access covers and lids

ACO has invested heavily to technically support its stormwater and utility enclosure products and complimentary project design assistance is offered as a no-obligation service. This is backed up by professionally prepared project specific submissions to specifiers and builders.

If you want to find out more about how ACO’s solutions can help you with your next civil construction project – or to simply find out more about any of our products – feel free to visit our main website and browse through the product list. Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 765 226 to speak with an expert on our technical support team.

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