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Essential Technical Support in your Drainage Design Process

download CAD drawingsWhen selecting a product or service we are often looking for the complete package, not only searching for the most cost effective and most suitable service, we want to know that we are working with companies who go above and beyond the simple purchase of a product. In such a competitive market place, it’s vital that a company recognises the needs of its customers to stay ahead of the game.

ACO offers a unique and hands on service, not only providing the best quality products but also a technical support service that is second to none. As part of their design services, ACO offer documented project specific services. This is supported by their comprehensive website. This coupled with information in the form of brochures, documentation and an expert team on hand to give advice on the following subjects and more:

  1. Trench Hydraulic Service – Project specific flow calculations to ensure correct sizing of trenches, with a simple request form to fill in, results are provided in a pdf format.
  2. Grate Hydraulic Service – Grate intake calculations that are specific to each individual project showing catchment geometry, head of water, performance of the grate, total intake area and hydraulic utilisation.
  3. Run layout and scheduling – Plan and profile layouts that include liquid flow and directions, position and type of outlet and trench and grate types all in CAD drawings to help aid planning.
  4. Ponding Analysis – Plots to show risk analysis of flood situations, duration and size, project notes and visual maps of worst case scenarios.
  5. Chemical Resistance – Test samples and recommendations are available to make material decisions based on data to find out where specific chemicals are being used.

All these services can be accessed either by contacting ACO directly or by filling out their online request form.

ACO prides itself on the knowledge and service of its trained team of engineers to give the most qualified advice through extensive research and innovation. John Sordo, head of Marketing and Product Management said “As a business we aim to go above and beyond simply providing the drainage needed for a project. Our team ensure that they are up to date with the latest developments, providing the best service to clients along with technical support that keeps customers coming back to ACO.”

As part of the decision making process surrounding which organisation is the best for drainage solutions and advice, ACO’s additional free of charge services are designed to satisfaction from start to finish.

To find out more about their complimentary services click here or visit the website at

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