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ACO’s Products for Airports

ACO airport productsAirports present as one of the most diverse and challenging environments for external drainage systems, access covers, cable pits and building drainage plumbing products. From the continuous battering of surfaces (heavy wheel loads, on access roads, runways, taxiways and hangars), to the architectural and sensitive surrounds of the terminal and car park environment, proven quality products should only be used to ensure ongoing safety aesthetics and functionality.

For instance, the prevention of excess water ponding from storms has the potential to close down areas of an airport, and if not monitored, can cause damage and extreme hazards.

In this article we’re going to take a look at exactly which products should be used as solutions to these problems and examine case studies where ACO has been able to provide such solutions.

ACO’s Grated Trench Drain Systems for Airports
ACO’s grated trench drains consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant durable materials to withstand the most challenging environments. They comprise a number of systems and come complete with either non-removable or removable lockable grates.

A number of systems are offered from the general purpose (complete with a suite of pedestrian safe grates in all materials and styles – Heelsafe® Anti-Slip) to heavy duty solutions. ACO also offers heavy duty slot drainage systems.

ACO’s grated trench drainage systems are available in continuous sloped runs to provide efficient drainage of flat level expansive pavements. Sloped runs allow for the effective removal of surface liquid from level slabs.

ACO’s Access Cover Products for Airports
ACO’s wide range of high quality cover and frame systems are made from durable materials such as ductile iron, galvanised steel and composite. These are available in a number of sizes and configurations from single to large multi-part units and allow an easier and faster way to access underground services with very minimal interference, making them ideal for airport areas. Gas assist lift covers are also available for large enclosures requiring regular access

ACO’s Cable Enclosures for Airports
ACO Polycrete is one of Australia’s foremost manufacturers of trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications and data cable routes. The range includes rigid, lightweight, strong polymer concrete pits; flexible, light duty, moulded plastic pits; and continuous modular trafficable cable ducting systems. Also available are Series Isolation Transformer (SIT) pits used for airfield runway lighting.

ACO’s Commercial Plumbing Products for Airport Buildings
ACO also offers a full suite of waste-water management products for airport buildings including grease separators, stainless steel drainage for catering areas and bathroom drainage


Airport Case Studies

  1. Qantas Maintenance Facility
    After building a new aircraft maintenance facility at Sydney International Airport, the Sydney Airport Corporation directed designers not to use  removeable grates. This was in response to failing trench grate and frame systems in the past. As a solution to the problem, engineers quickly selected ACO’s Qmax as the obvious choice.
  2. Terminal 2, Perth Airport
    This was a newly constructed add on to the Perth Airport designed to cater to Perth’s growing population and tourism industry – in addition to the boom of the mining sector. ACO’s Rhinocast cover and frame systems were used with stainless steel decorative edges as an attractive way to preserve the visual continuity of the floor surface.
  3. Shell Aviation Fuel Terminal –Brisbane Airport
    The Shell Aviation Fuel Terminal at Brisbane Airport required an extensive underground network of pipes to carry the fuel between the domestic and international terminals and the main Shell Depot within the airport precinct. ACO helped by providing fully dimensioned rebate drawings and wall box locations to help installers integrate the access cover system into the heavy duty pavement.
  4. Brisbane Domestic Terminal Car Park
    As the largest single structure car park in the southern hemisphere, the new multi-level car park at the Brisbane Domestic Airport Terminal required careful project planning and a specialised design. New pavements needed to be carefully graded to meet with existing floor levels. A number of trench drains, complete with Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates, were used in a variety of locations to ensure efficient drainage and compliance with all safety requirements.

We’ve highlighted the importance of quality products for airports in this article – and shown you which products are the best in providing solutions toan airport’s airside, landside areas and terminal buildings. Feel free to browse through them for yourself by navigating through our easy-to-use website.

If you have any questions about any of our case studies, the projects we have worked on, or want to find out more about our water and cable management products and access covers, feel free to give us a call on 1300 765 226 to speak with a professional staff member at ACO who will be happy to answer your questions.

ACO Drain For Airports
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