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Heelsafe® for Safer Streets

legislative requirements for gratesACO’s Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates comply with a number of Australian and International Standards for pedestrian, wheelchair, bicycle and cane use. The slip resistant grates are available in a range of designs to suit individual application requirements, with a maximum slot width of 10mm to prevent small heels from becoming trapped. Read below to find out which slip resistant grate is suitable for your application.



Stainless 5 Star Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
This is a pedestrian-friendly Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grate with an extra fine 6mm slot width to prevent even the thinnest of heels from becoming trapped. Discrete raised multiple mechanical nodes prevent slipping without compromising aesthetics, making the Stainless 5 Star ideal for use in entryways, urban pedestrian environments and commercial kitchens.

Stainless Wedgewire Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
Similar in appearance but slightly less slip resistant than the Stainless 5 Star Heelsafe® Anti-Slip, this grate also features a 6mm slot width for heel safety. It is suited to light duty applications such as indoors or external pedestrian traffic areas, and meets high safety standards for wheelchairs and walking canes. The slip resistant single raised mechanical nodes make it ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Iron Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
The Iron Intercept Anti-Slip grate is as strong as its name suggests and is designed for heavy duty applications. The Iron Intercept Anti-Slip grate is tough enough to endure urban streetscapes that receive both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, such as pedestrian crossings and busy roads. This slip resistant grate has been installed along the Sydney Harbour Bridge footbridge and has superior bicycle tyre penetration resistance as well as meeting wheelchair and walking cane safety standards.

Iron Galv Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
Iron Galv Heelsafe® Anti-slip grates are designed for use in heavy duty applications in areas trafficked both by pedestrians and vehicles. The Iron Galv Heelsafe® Anti-slip grates resist bicycle and wheelchair penetration while the 7mm slot width provides a superior heel friendly feature.

Iron Wave Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
This architectural iron slip resistant grate is ideal for landscape, streetscape and vehicular applications. The wave design adds an element of style and continuity to external areas without compromising the 10mm heel friendly slot width or bicycle, wheelchair and cane safety.

Iron Decorative Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
The distinctive decorative design of the Iron Decorative grate does not detract from its heavy duty durability. It is ideal for landscape, streetscape and vehicular heavy duty applications.

Composite Slotted Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
Composite slotted Heelsafe® Anti-slip grates are a cost-effective, corrosion resistant alternative to stainless steel. This slip resistant grate is ideal for pedestrian precincts and food preparation areas. The 8mm slot width prevents trapping of small heels and complies with safety standards for wheelchair, cane and bicycle use.

Black and Grey Plastic Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip
Both the Black and Grey Plastic Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates are cost effective, polypropylene slip resistant grates designed for light duty applications such as pedestrian areas. With a choice of colours that facilitate aesthetic congruity with the surrounding environment, these grates are suitable for various light duty applications.

Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates are available with ACO’s interior and exterior drainage range, specifically for the following product lines: ACO Drain, ACO Infrastructure, ACO Home, QuARTz by ACO, ACO Stainless and ACO BuildLine. If you’re looking for a safe and practical drain grate available in a large number of designs, don’t hesitate to contact the team at ACO today.

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