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The Suitability of ACO’s Products for Urban Infrastructure Applications

ACO’s external civil construction products are specified in urban infrastructure applications to perform either a drainage or cable management function. They are also designed to meet the needs of high-trafficked areas in streetscapes, open domains shared spaces and other similar areas. Being in constant visual and physical contact with the environment, they are purpose designed to harmonise with a project’s architectural requirements.

To assist urban designers and landscape architects in the important function of seamlessly integrating the essential services of water and cable management in an urban environment, ACO products are designed with advanced features to provide cost effectiveness, wheel and heel safety, slip resistance and a choice of aesthetics.

This article will highlight how appropriate ACO’s products are for the urban and landscape environment; providing proof with revealing case studies to demonstrate the suitability of ACO’s products.

Efficient, Safe and Cost Effective Surface Water Management

Against the backdrop of climate change and its impact on population growth and denser cities, surface water management becomes even more important. Designers need to consider, in every design, the protection of property and people from the hazards caused by unwanted water.

Does this mean designers need to create geometrically complex pavements to give surface water more places to evacuate to for a greater number of stormwater pits?

ACO provides a more cost-effective and neater alternative. Its linear drainage systems only require simple, one-way pavement falls which provides a safer and more attractive end result. The resultant pavement is typically finished with a lack of undulations which would otherwise been needed if stormwater pits are used. This also saves time on the reduction of complex pipe work, construction and maintenance.

In keeping surfaces flat, drainage design performance and efficiency are still important and ACO drainage systems lead the way.

ACO’s trench drain systems are available with built-in slopes which support the movement of water once it is captured by flat and level pavements. Each ACO trench drain V-shaped design channel comprises smooth internal surfaces to ensure water is drained quickly.

For more information on good surface water management design, visit ACO’s water management resources library.

Understanding the Importance of Heel Safety

ACO’s Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates conform to a variety of Australian and International Standards for wheelchair, bicycle, cane and pedestrian use. These small slotted grates are slip-resistant and are available in many designs and materials making them easy to match or contrast with the materials used in the adjacent pavement.

Below is a list of ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grate range:

If a grate is not desired, then ACO offers Iron Galv Intercept Heelsafe  Anti-Slip, a discreet heel friendly slot drain

Visual Integration of Service Enclosures

ACO offers high quality access covers to provide fast and secure access to underground services. To preserve the visual continuity of the pavement surface, ACO’s first-class access cover range is designed to easily accommodate pavement materials with or without decorative floor edging. This allows designers to create a practical environment for service providers without compromising the look of a pavement. ACO’s access covers are lockable and ideal for both internal and external applications. They are available in ductile iron – Rhinocast and galvanised steel Urbanfil.  Large multipart systems with similar features can also be configured to enclose plant and equipment.

Drainage Products for Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming an increasingly important part of Australia’s commercial and residential landscape to mitigate the heat island effect, particularly throughout the last decade. But what many people don’t realise is that when a roof is either completely or partially covered by vegetation, there needs to be a drainage system in place to manage rainwater runoff.

Purpose designed  for green roofs, ACO’s ProfiLine can be installed directly above the roof or balcony membrane system to provide protection of buildings from water. The drainage system collects water while it runs down the façade from pavement surfaces.

Case Studies

Kangaroo Point Park
For the newly opened Kangaroo Point Park, designers selected Rhinocast® ductile iron access covers, which consisted of decorative brass edging to curtail the visual appearance of many of the new pits installed as part of the upgraded power and communications infrastructure.

Sydney University, Law Building
For Sydney University’s new Law School building, the SlabDrain system with Iron Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates was specified to keep the drainage function close to the surface. This minimised the need for excessive pipework and heavy construction that would have otherwise been required which cut down the project’s cost.

Milson Point Forecourt
Located on the Sydney Harbour, this area is a high profile place of interest for the New South Wales Government. Architects wanted to ensure the area was easily accessible and well-maintained. Exposed to constant pedestrian use, it was vital to keep the pavement flat, which is why ACO’s sloped KlassikDrain with Heelsafe® Anti-Slip was chosen.


If you want to find out more about any of ACO’s products for urban landscapes, call 1300 765 226 to speak with an expert – or contact us right now via email.

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