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ACO Installation device application and information

Any construction or installation project requires adequate planning. Failing to account for site specific conditions and restraints can lead to errors that will cost the contractor time and money. When planning concrete pours in a slab, the philosophy holds true where one is taught to expect and prepare for the worst.

When encasing precast drainage channels in concrete there is a certain amount of preparation required depending on the method used. Each method needs to be coordinated with the concrete pouring operations. Some methods require a single pour, others required 2 or more pours. A single pour can be the most cost and time efficient method but this decision is often left to the professional judgment to the contractor or engineer. The challenge in single pour operations is to ensure all elements (channels, formwork, reinforcing, bracing etc.) are stable enough to resist the pouring pressure of concrete.

aco installation deviceACO’s new installation device helps remove this area of uncertainly by securing the channel elements whilst allowing for single pour operations. In addition to this, the new device has been designed for maximum efficiency.

The development of this innovative device has evolved from previous versions created by ACO and its competitors. These out-dated devices, while useful, were not without their problems. Made from materials including plastic and steel, these devices were created independent of the channel design and so they were not completely stable, accurate and efficient.

When developing the installation device, ACO took the opportunity to simultaneously redesign its new generation of trench drain systems to ensure that, during installation, there would be a perfect alignment of joints and channel heights. This is principally due to a patented steel clamp system. At the same time, ACO’s channel body was redesigned to provide the provisions for the steel clamp system to lock adjacent channels together tightly.

ACO installation deviceUsing a wedge to secure the device around each channel, the steel clamp mechanism is specifically designed to prevent any movement during the concrete pour.

To keep the channel suspended the device is bolted to two pieces of rebar at the desired height allowing for concrete to encase it. For a more in-depth step-by-step guide on how to successfully utilise installation devices watch this video.

The installation device is ideal for long straight runs or runs with slight curves. The device is not recommended for installations in confined spaces or soft subgrade/soil. Full instructions on correct site installation can be found here.

If you want to find out more about any of ACO’s channel installation products, call 1300 765 226 to speak with an expert – or contact us now via email.

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