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ACO’s Industry-leading technical support

When dealing with an industry-leading manufacturer of some of Australia’s greatest drainage solutions, you expect world-class customer support. ACO goes above and beyond to deliver with its extensive range of support services, including its brand-new Free Public Access Software program.

aco technical support

ACO offers a range of established in-house services that support its external trench drainage systems. Each service is free of charge and ensures ACO is able to collaborate with the designer or contractor.


ACO has invested heavily to provide high-quality technical support for its product lines. Staffed by qualified engineers and equipped with purpose-written computer software, this service is offered as a no-obligation service and is backed up with extensive, high-quality information.

ACO’s Technical Services Department can offer advice to ensure the correct product is chosen for the application, through to advice on installation. Extensive research and development, both independently and in conjunction with leading academic institutions and research bodies, have been key to the ACO group’s success.

Project Support


A brand-new initiative, ACO provides a free complimentary service to assist the correct design and choice of trench drainage. This service is available for all ACO brands, which incorporates trench drain design.

The sections below will guide you through this servi

Grate Hydraulicsgrate hydraulics

ACO has independently measured, by experimentation, the hydraulic intake capacities of ACO Drain grates. Tests were carried out under varying flow rates and catchment approach slopes. To determine the hydraulic utilisation, each grate was tested until bypass occurred (the point at which liquids would pass across grate).

The software will allow you to select any grate from ACO’s systems and check its hydraulics against your projects design criteria.

This service is available for the following systems:

  • KlassikDrain
  • PowerDrain
  • SlabDrain
  • MiniKlassik

Run Layout Scheduling

ACO Scheduler is a purpose-written software program that shows trench drain run layouts in plan and section views including the position of outlets, junctions and accessories. The program also calculates the Bill of Materials for each run and totals all the runs to ensure the correct parts and pieces are ordered. This service is very useful for onsite installers.

Run Layout Scheduling


ACO offers a unique and hands-on service that is second to none. As part of its design services, ACO offers documented project-specific services. This is supported by its comprehensive websites. This coupled with information in the form of brochures, documentation and an expert team on hand to give advice on the following subjects and more.

Trench Hydraulic Service | Project-specific flow calculations to ensure correct sizing of trenches, with a simple request form to fill in, results are provided in a pdf format.

Grate Hydraulic Service | Grate intake calculations that are specific to each individual project showing catchment geometry, head of water, the performance of the grate, total intake area and hydraulic utilisation.

Run layout and scheduling | Plan and profile layouts that include liquid flow and directions, position and type of outlet and trench and grate types all in CAD drawings to help aid planning.

Ponding Analysis | Plots to show risk analysis of flood situations, duration and size, project notes and visual maps of worst-case scenarios.

Chemical Resistance | Test samples and recommendations are available to make material decisions based on data to find out where specific chemicals are being used.

All these services can be accessed either by contacting ACO directly or by filling out their online request form.

ACO prides itself on the knowledge and service of its trained team of engineers to give the most qualified advice through extensive research and innovation. John Sordo, head of Marketing and Product Management said, “As a business, we aim to go above and beyond simply providing the drainage needed for a project. Our team ensures that they are up to date with the latest developments, providing the best service to clients along with technical support that keeps customers coming back to ACO.”

As part of the decision-making process surrounding which organisation is the best for drainage solutions and advice, ACO’s additional free of charge services are designed to satisfaction from start to finish.

ACO Technical Support

ACO not only produces industry-leading drainage products, but it also supports its clients with industry-leading technical support services.

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