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Everything you need to know to size a trench drain

Sizing A Trench Drain

The science behind the hydraulics of trench drainage is complex, as each system must be adapted to the unique catchment design of the site and getting it wrong is costly. It can result in safety hazards, increased maintenance costs and, in extreme scenarios, flooding that undermines infrastructure.

This month, we’re sharing our brand new DIY channel hydraulic sizing software and a White Paper exploring the science behind hydraulics. Keep reading to learn more!

With over 25 years’ experience in Australia analysing project drainage requirements, we’re able to offer reliable, integrated and tailored project solutions. Since the 1990s, we have supplied the construction industry with a choice of world-class Australian made trench drains backed by a strong technical department equipped to offer project specific recommendations.

If you’re working on a project, or are interesting in learning more – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


DIY Software

Introducing HYDROlite: an additional free service to assist engineers and designers with the correct sizing of trench drains, based on channel and grate hydraulics.

Users can enter into the web-based program site-specific information such as the area to be drained, finished floor gradients and design rainfall intensity. The program will then make recommendations on an optimum size trench drain.

To access the program, click here.

White paper

Download our White Paper on trench drain hydraulics, where we share with you two decades of research and development in partnership with universities in Australia and overseas.

Inside this whitepaper, you will find:

  • A breakdown of how drainage grates and channels perform in practice
  • The consequences of getting it wrong
  • Key considerations when selecting the right hydraulic solution

To download the white paper, click here

ACO's Free Project Services

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Australian Made

Did you know we manufacture many of our polymer concrete drainage products at our head office in Western Sydney?

Thank you for considering an Australian Made product and helping keep Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs alive.

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