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Eco-Friendly Drainage: Sustainable Practices and Products

In the face of growing environmental concerns and the reality of climate change, the quest for sustainable practices and products has never been more critical. ACO, a leader in water management solutions, is pioneering the way with our eco-friendly drainage practices and products, ensuring a harmonious balance between human habitation and the natural world. With the introduction of the ACO WaterCycle, ACO has set a new standard for sustainable drainage practices, emphasising the dual purpose of protecting people from water and water from people.

The ACO WaterCycle- A Blueprint for Successful Drainage Projects

At the core of ACO’s sustainable drainage solutions lies the intelligent WaterCycle, a comprehensive framework designed to collect, clean, hold, and sustainably release water back into the environment. This holistic approach ensures that water is managed effectively throughout our journey, from surface collection to reuse or release.

Collect- Gathering and Capturing Surface Water

The first step in the ACO WaterCycle preventive measures is the collection of surface water, ensuring swift and thorough capture to protect people, buildings, and infrastructure from water-related risks. ACO’s drainage systems are meticulously engineered to efficiently gather and channel surface water, providing safety and comfort in urban environments.

Clean- Pre-Treating and Processing Collected Liquids

Once collected, the next phase involves treating the gathered liquids using integrated processes to meet regulatory standards for discharge into public sewers. ACO’s commitment to sustainability extends to the treatment phase, creating conditions for recycling and sustainable use of water resources.

Hold- Retaining and Containing Liquids Within the Drainage System

Containers, barriers, and valves are crucial in ensuring that liquids remain within the drainage system, especially during extreme weather events such as heavy rain or flooding. By enhancing protection and safety, ACO’s solutions mitigate the risk of damage to infrastructure and the environment.

Reuse- Pumping, Discharging, and Reusing Treated Water

The final stage of the ACO WaterCycle involves transferring treated water to downstream systems for further treatment, reuse, or release back into the environment. ACO’s sustainable drainage solutions facilitate the responsible management of water resources, supporting ecological balance and biodiversity.

Intelligent Sustainable Solutions

In the pursuit of intelligent sustainable solutions, ACO prioritises environmental impact and durability, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of performance and longevity. ACO products are designed to withstand the rigours of highly trafficked public areas, incorporating materials such as iron, polymer concrete, concrete, and stainless steel for mechanical strength, thermal resilience, corrosion resistance, and UV stability.

As a leading supplier of water management products worldwide, we remain committed to controlling the quality and quantity of water, even as weather patterns change and rainfall increases. By focusing on surface-level water management and sustainable release back into the water cycle, ACO’s solutions continue to adapt to evolving environmental conditions.

Protecting Wildlife and Preserving Biodiversity

In addition to our focus on water management, ACO strongly emphasises wildlife safety and biodiversity with preventive measures. Through developing wildlife fencing and road crossing tunnel systems, ACO strives to protect wildlife habitats and facilitate migration in areas adjacent to urban environments. By integrating these solutions into our successful drainage projects, ACO demonstrates our commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation.

Local Sourcing and Manufacturing to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

As an Australian manufacturer, ACO prioritises sourcing local materials and manufacturing products locally to minimise transport distances and reduce carbon footprint. By choosing local materials and production methods, ACO contributes to sustainability efforts and mitigates the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

Sustainable drainage solutions are essential for addressing the challenges of stormwater management in an increasingly unpredictable climate. As a respected leader in the industry, it’s crucial that we embrace innovative practices and products that prioritise environmental sustainability and resilience. With our successful drainage projects, expert preventive measures, and commitment to sustainability, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future, one drainage project at a time.

Contact us today for more insights into ACO’s projects or to enquire about your next project.

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