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Fairfield Showground, Prairiewood, NSW

Fairfield City Council recently committed several million dollars to upgrade facilities at Fairfield Showground. The goal was to transform the venue into a modern sporting and cultural hub for elite sports and other major events. A significant part of the upgrade revolved around works carried out on the turf and synthetic football fields.

Project Design Brief

New drainage infrastructure would be required for certain areas adjacent to the turf and synthetic football fields. The adjoining pavements would be trafficked by spectators, players, staff and occasional vehicular traffic. Designers required a strong easy to maintain pedestrian safe trench drain, which would harmonise with the visual appearance of the pavement.

ACO's Solution


  • The 0.5% invert slope of the channel system suits the flat and level pavement and provides sufficient fall to the outlet within the channel.
  • The Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates provides a slip resistance rating of P3 (AS 4586) and load class D (AS 3996) strong enough for vehicles.
  • The Heelsafe® Anti-Slip  grates provides a unique aesthetic appearance, which blends in with the colour of the pavers. They also feature a boltless and barless locking system that provides easy and quick access for maintenance.

Other ACO products used:

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