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St James Wintergarden Office Tower, Melbourne VIC

The historically significant, St James Wintergarden Office Tower, built in 1969 has recently undergone redevelopment and revitalisation. The 28 storey office block is located at the prestigious location, 535 Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD. A key part of the restoration was the commercial retail outlets and the redesigned external public spaces for the office workers.

Project Design Brief

Designers wanted to ensure that the highly patronised external areas could accommodate a descreet linear drainage system and not detract from the appearance of the large pavers selected for the pavement.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO’s Brickslot linear drain to capture the surface water run-off


  • 10mm heel friendly slot provides a discreet look
  • The offset slot and versatility of modular Polycreteregistration mark Channels allows neat positioning along abutments, walls and obstacles
St James Wintergarden
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