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Shields Street Heart, Cairns, QLD

Sheilds Street Heart is a pedestrian friendly area located in the heart of Cairns CBD. The project costing an estimated $17 million aimed to revitalise Cairns to attract more visitors back into the city and increase retail activity. The work included recreating a rainforest with trees, palms, small plants and turfed areas, contemporary feature lighting and public art reflecting the vegetation of the region.

Project Design Brief

Pedestrian safety was the most important consideration in relation to the pavement and drainage design. The project designers wanted the pavement to be as flat as possible with minimal falls to the drains. The grates needed to be visually appealing, yet slip resistant and safe for high heels. A strong drain was also required to withstand council service vehicles accessing Shields Street.

ACO's Solution


  • KlassikDrain has a 0.5% slope inside the channel ensuring water flows to the outlets, ideal for installation in flat pavements
  • The Stainless 5 Star Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates coordinate with the modern and historic architecture in the precinct and is safe for pedestrians where slip resistance and heel penetration resistance is required
Shield Street Heart
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