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Deception Bay Bus Stop, Deception Bay, QLD

Moreton Bay Regional Council recently expanded its bus services to include a designated stop on Bay Avenue adjacent to Deception Bay Shopping Centre. This would allow shoppers to benefit from the covered walkways stretching from the shopping centre car park all the way to the bus stop.

Project Design Brief

Pedestrian safety and convenience were a priority for designers. The bus lane was graded to the existing road level with the introduction of a swale like sag point where a trench drain would be positioned to ensure no ponding would occur. This would protect the bus stop patrons from spray and protect cars from water transgressing onto the road. A sloped system was desired on the flat pavement to direct captured stormwater to the underground outlet points. Grates needed to be restrained under the constantly braking and accelerating wheel traffic.

ACO's Solution

  • PowerDrain S300K with Iron Slotted grates.
  • Based on the site-specific catchment hydraulics, ACO’s Technical Services provided designers with hydraulic data.


  • Each modular unit of the trench drain can be assembled to produce a 0.5% sloped run to ensure efficient drainage in flat pavements.
  • Iron Slotted grates are designed and tested to Class G (AS 3996) to withstand the heavy and regular wheel loads of buses.
  • Anti-shunt lugs secure each grate from movement and dislodgement from dynamic wheel movements and braking.
QLD Deception Bay Bus Stop

Other ACO products used:

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