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Bulcock Street, Caloundra, QLD

Caloundra is located in the Sunshine Coast region and is a popular holiday and tourist destination with many pristine beaches, scenic and recreational parks. Bulcock Street is the main street and has been transformed to visually enhance the city centre, improve access and safety to maintain a sustainable economy. The street has shops, restaurants, and hosts’ day and night markets, music festivals and community events. The improvements included new soft landscaping, footpaths, contemporary street furniture, public art, Smart City technology, LED lighting and a major upgrade to the stormwater system.

Project Design Brief

Designers wanted to remove the traditional kerb and gutters to create flat pavements to improve pedestrian safety and access on the street. A trench drainage system was required to ensure the businesses along Bulcock Street would be protected from water runoff. Grates with safety features were also required for pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs and bicycles .

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain K200 system with Iron Wave Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with hydraulic grate and channel performance calculations to ensure the system met the project requirements


  • Wave grates were chosen for their visual links to the surfing beaches
  • Wave grates provide pedestrian safety in the areas of slip resistance, high heel protection, wheelchair and bicycle penetration resistance
Bulcock St Caloundra

Other ACO products used:

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