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Penrith Civic Arts Precinct, Sydney, NSW

The Mondo is a high-profile public space in Penrith, Western Sydney situated at the intersection of Westfield, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and the Penrith Civic Centre. A recent renovation to this busy public domain has dramatically improved the site’s ability to provide shade and safety as well as deliver a contemporary setting for the community with access to nearby restaurants, entertainment and events.

Project Design Brief

With a mixture of soft and hardstand pavements, designers wanted a functional surface drainage system to serve the entire length of the site by providing effective drainage during storms. Grates needed to be heel friendly as well as visually harmonious with the new pavements and street furniture.

ACO's Solution


  • ACO’s KlassikDrain channels have integrally cast stainless steel rails that provides a restraining edge for all types of pavements. This supports the linear appearance of the drain.
  • The selected grate provides the necessary contrast along the soft landscape areas and blends suitably with the concrete hardstand pavements.
  • The grate also meets the slip resistance criteria of the project with inlet slots small enough to prevent trapping small heels
Penrith Civic Arts Precinct

Other ACO products used:

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