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BAC Head Office

Brisbane Airport commenced a $340 million dollar expansion in October 2006 of the International Terminal; it will be completed by the end of 2008.

As part of the expansion, a new business park has been developed to increase business growth and opportunity as a result of its strategic proximately to Brisbane Airport, Brisbane City and other key infrastructure. The Brisbane Airport’s Corporation’s (BAC’s) new head office was relocated in the centre of the park to house BAC’s staff and the project design team.

In the paved areas outside the building and adjacent to the water features. ACO’s SlabDrain (300mm wide) trench system complete with stainless steel Heelguard™ Antislip grates were installed as the surface drainage system to ensure safe pedestrian access whilst maintaining a highly aesthetic finish.

SlabDrain, available in 3 widths is typically selected in areas where hydraulics is of equal concern to the designer as are installation constraints.  The range is ideal for suspended slabs or in applications where there are depth restrictions due to other services crossing beneath the drainage line.

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