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Crown Street Mall, Wollongong, NSW

Crown Street Mall was recently refurbished at a cost of $19.4 million and provides a link between the Wollongong foreshore and the city, creating an integrated experience for tourists and residents. The aim of the project was to revitalise Wollongong city centre by creating jobs growth in the retail and business sectors and encouraging property investment in the area. The mall is an attractive environment for social interaction and includes open-air performance spaces, play areas, street furniture, free Wi-Fi, public art, decorative lighting and a sustainable watering system for the urban native forest.

Project Design Brief

Designers aimed to create a link between the ocean and Mt Keira and requested a unique custom-made grate design that would also reflect the industrial history of the area. The grates were also required to be heel and wheel friendly, slip resistant and coordinate with the paving material.

ACO's Solution


  • ACO custom-made the iron grates to the designer’s unique profile
  • The K300 sloped system provides 0.5% fall per metre length of channel to ensure water flows towards the outlet points, which is ideal for flat pavement areas
  • The Class D grate withstands wheel-loads from service vehicles
Crown Street Mall Wollongong
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