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Castlereagh Street Tower
– Sydney, NSW

Castlereagh Street Tower is a 46-storey commercial tower in the Sydney CBD with retail outlets on the ground and basement levels which are accessed by two streets.

Project Design Brief

The ground floor levels are exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic and the surface drainage system needed to adhere to strict performance criteria.

The grates were required to meet a specified level of slip resistance and the grate slot size was to prevent the penetration of stiletto heels.

The street level is higher than the building entrance on Pitt Street and the installed grates were required to capture 100% of the water flowing from the street level.

ACO’s KlassikDrain with Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates were specified as they met the slip resistance criteria and the stiletto heel requirements.

ACO’s Technical Services Department provided water intake calculations to assure designers that no bypass would occur during heavy rainfall.

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Castelreagh St Tower
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