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Wynyard Walk, Sydney, NSW

Wynyard Walk is a new underground pedestrian tunnel linking Wynyard Train Station with the western CBD and Barangaroo waterfront. The tunnel costing $306 million is 180m long and provides a safe and accessible route for pedestrians, wheelchairs and prams. The tunnel is designed to cater for an estimated 20,000 people in an hour and It takes approximately 6 minutes to walk from Wynyard Station to the Barangaroo precinct. There are approximately 23,000 office workers that travel to Barangaroo daily.

Project Design Brief

The engineers required a drainage system inside the tunnel to capture water from the sprinkler system in the event of a fire in the tunnel. Due to the large number of pedestrians using the tunnel daily, safety was a major concern. A level pavement with a discreet and foot friendly drainage grate was required.

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain K100 system with custom double Brickslot top
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with hydraulic performance data including slot intake capacities and the optimum distance to position drainage pits


  • The 0.5% slope of the KlassikDrain K100 system allowed the pavements to be constructed flat and still provide sufficient runoff to the outlet within the channel
  • Double 6mm Brickslot top addressed pedestrian safety issues relating to stiletto heels
  • The Brickslot system could be positioned close to the tunnel walls ensuring a discreet drainage installation
Wynyard Walk Sydney
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