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St Kilda Life Saving Club, Melbourne, VIC

Situated on the most popular beachfront in Melbourne, St Kilda Life Saving Club is one of the city’s newest venues. A not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, the club occupies a central location with the recently completed development of its new clubhouse overlooking expansive views. This was a jointly funded project of the Victorian Government and Port Phillip City Council.

Project Design Brief

The new clubhouse was designed to Life Saving Victoria’s guidelines. The area connecting the club with the beach and beach promenade required an effective drainage system to prevent the club’s wash down water runoff from entering the promenade. The drain’s grates had to harmonise with its iconic surrounds as well as meet the project’s pedestrian and bicycle safety requirements.

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain K100 with Iron Wave Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department assessed the intake capacity of the specified grates to ensure stormwater runoff would be captured


  • The iron grate provides a decorative element with the continuous wave pattern making a visual connection with the beach
  • The grates met the designer’s slip resistance, heel slot and bicycle wheel criteria to AS 4586 and AS 3996 respectively
  • In flat pavement areas, the KlassikDrain system can incorporate a 0.5% built-in fall to facilitate efficient drainage
St Kilda SLSC
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