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Midland Railway Square, Perth, WA

Railway Square is an important twentieth century industrial heritage site consisting of thoughtfully restored railway workshops. The buildings cater for a variety of uses including residential, commercial, health, education and creative activities. The vibrant public space has restaurants, cafés, a hotel and a performance event space. Industrial materials, custom rail furniture, artwork and interpretive rail lines run through the space.

Project Design Brief

The ‘Water Line’ is a linear misting and lighting feature that references steam engines moving through the site. The designers required an efficient drainage system that could be easily modified to create the desired effect. A collaboration between the landscape architects, lighting designers and ACO produced a design solution utilising a modified ACO drainage system.

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain K100 sloped channel system with custom Iron Slotted grates
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department assisted designers with hydraulic performance data with accurate intake capacities and custom grate design


  • The Slotted Iron grate was modified to allow lighting and mist control devices to integrate through the top of the grate
  • K100 sloped channel has 0.5% fall per metre, ensuring water flows to the outlets
  • The Slotted Iron grate also coordinated aesthetically with the historic buildings
Midland Railway Square
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