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Workzone Office Tower, Northbridge, WA

Workzone is an innovative, sustainable office development comprising two buildings linked by a large landscaped plaza. The towers are located in the popular Northbridge precinct on the fringe of the Perth CBD surrounded by high class cafés, restaurants, bars, night clubs, museums, galleries and specialist shops.

Project Design Brief

Designers required a visually appealing and hydraulically efficient solution to a challenging gradient on the pavement in front of one of the towers. They needed to ensure that no stormwater runoff would enter any of the ground floor tenancies.

ACO's Solution

  • K100 trench drainage system with modular channels configured to produce a sloped run
  • Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates


  • Linear drainage acts as a barrier to stop water transgressing into restricted areas
  • Sloped channels with 0.5% built-in fall allows for efficient drainage on flat pavements
  • Steel edge rails provide a visually straight restraining edge for pavers
  • The iron grate design ensures all pedestrian safety requirements are met whilst being robust enough for incidental vehicular traffic
Workzone Office Tower

Other ACO products used:

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