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Public Library, Perth, WA

Perth Library is a unique building designed by Kerry Hill Architects at a cost of $60 million and covers 3,500 square metres. The innovative circular building maximises the views from inside the building and links the new library with the surrounding historic and modern buildings. A curved staircase wraps around the outside of the building connecting the seven levels. The library is located next to the Perth Town Hall with the State Buildings, Como Hotel in the Treasury Building and St Georges Cathedral in the Cathedral Square precinct. The area has been revitalised into a vibrant urban public space.

Project Design Brief

Designers wanted the pavement areas surrounding the precinct buildings to be level to ensure the safety of a large number of pedestrians whilst also ensuring the pavement surface would be free from ponding during storms. Foot friendly grates were required that would also harmonise with the surrounding architecture.

ACO's Solution


  • KlassikDrain has a 0.5% slope inside the channel ensuring water flows to the outlets, ideal for installation in flat pavements
  • The Stainless 5 Star Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates coordinate with the modern and historic architecture in the precinct and are pedestrian safe in the areas where slip resistance and heel penetration is required
Public Library Perth

Other ACO products used:

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