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Cotton On Head Office, Geelong, Victoria

Cotton On Group is one of Australia’s leading retailers, having expanded beyond its fashion origins into stationery and footwear. Based in Geelong, the Cotton On Group has eight brands and trades through 1500 stores across 18 countries.

Project Design Brief

In a recent refurbishment of its head office, designers undertook extensive landscape works. Pedestrian safety was considered paramount by designers who also wanted to incorporate some brick paving into the hardstand design. Keeping consistent in style with the heritage look of the building was key, as was selecting a drainage system that was discreet and safe for pedestrians.

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain K200 with Twinslot 200 slotted top


  • Aligned parallel with the rectangular pavers, the Twinslot 200 slotted top blends seamlessly with the surrounding pavement
  • The slotted top comprises two single slots spaced 106mm apart for increased hydraulic inlet capacity
  • The 0.5% slope of the KlassikDrain K200 system allowed the pavements to be constructed as flat as possible and still provide efficient runoff to the outlet within the channel
  • A Twinslot 200 top addresses pedestrian safety issues relating to heel penetration resistance
Cotton On Head Office, Geelong, Victoria
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