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Roe Street Enhancement, Perth, WA

Roe Street is one of Perth’s oldest streets. As part of the Perth City Link Project, it underwent a major upgrade. There were a number of elements to this including wider footpaths, new street furniture, more than 200 new street trees and segregated bike lanes to improve traffic flow and increase safety for cyclists.

Project Design Brief

Water management was a key design objective and to keep surfaces free of standing water during rain, runoff had to be efficiently removed. Designers required a strong, easy to maintain pedestrian safe trench drain with a strong grate to facilitate the safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

ACO's Solution


  • The 0.5% invert slope of the channel system suits the flat and level pavement and provides sufficient fall to the outlet within the channel.
  • The Iron Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates provide slip resistance to AS 4586 and are compliant for wheelchair and walking cane safety
  • Grates rated to Class D (AS 3996) means the trench drain is robust enough to be trafficked by service vehicles
Roe St Enhancement

Other ACO products used:

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