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8 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW

8 Chifley Square is a prestigious high rise development in Sydney’s Central Business District. The building won the ‘City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition’ for its striking external design and flexible social interior workspaces. The building also has a 6-star energy rating.

Project Design Brief

  • Drainage elements to have a minimal visual impact on the pavement
  • Ensure pedestrian safety by capturing all the surface water run-off from thepavement areas around the perimeter of the building

ACO's Solution

  • A series of linear slot drains strategically positioned to capture the surface water run-off
  • ACO’s Technical Support Department provided the project designers with trench andgrate hydraulic data on the drain’s performance and capabilities


  • Brickslot is a visually discreet drainage system
  • The 10mm drainage slot meets pedestrian safety requirements and complies with AS 1428.2 Design for Access and Mobility and AS 3996 Access Covers and Grates
Chifley Square
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