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Visy Can Factory – Yatala, QLD

Visy, Australia’s largest packaging and recycling company recently opened a state of the art manufacturing facility at Yatala in Queensland.

The new $86M facility is expected to produce 1.6 billion aluminium beverage cans and 600 million steel food cans annually.

Cleaning the cans is a critical part of the manufacturing process and involves using corrosive chemicals.

The designers required a surface drainage system that could capture all of the liquid and could also withstand the corrosive nature of the wash down chemicals.

The drainage channels required consistent longitudinal falls to the outlet points and to be robust enough to withstand vehicles with concentrated moving wheel loads.

KlassikDrain was the ideal solution as the drainage channels are made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete and have a built-in slope of 0.5% in every metre of channel.

The Stainless Mesh grates with large aperture slots ensure all of the wash down liquids are captured without bypass. The grates are also strong enough to cater for the v

Visy Can Factory
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