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Main Assembly Building, Tonsley Park, Adelaide, SA

Tonsley is Australia’s first innovation district providing an environment were innovators, researchers, educators and businesses can connect and collaborate. Tonsley is located 10km from Adelaide’s CBD in the historic Mitsubishi car manufacturing site. The Main Assembly Building (MAB) is an award winning example of adaptive re-use. The area has an internal forest, exhibition space, lounge and eating areas. The site has been designed to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists while also enabling vehicle access

Project Design Brief

Designers were faced with many challenges to integrate a drainage system in the existing flat, heavy duty pavement, particularly in and around the urban forest area. The designers also wanted to maintain the existing industrial style with the new design elements including the grated trench drain. The area is heavily used by pedestrians and commercial vehicles

ACO's Solution


  • The 0.5% fall in the 1m KlassikDrain channel ensures water flows efficiently to the outlet points in long continuous channel runs
  • Grates manufactured from ductile iron maintain the industrial theme suitable for the historic site
  • Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates meet load class D 210kN, suitable for commercial wheel loads
  • The grates also meet pedestrian slip resistance and stiletto heel safety requirements
Tonsley Park

Other ACO products used:

  • Cablemate systems
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