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Newcastle Street Redevelopment, Perth, WA

Newcastle Street in Leederville, Perth runs into East Perth from Oxford Street to Lord Street. The street became part of a major streetscape upgrade at its commercial precinct. This was part of the City of Vincent’s Northbridge Urban Renewal Project.

Project Design Brief

Designers planned for a shared street with priority access to pedestrians. This required the construction of a level pavement where all kerbs would be removed to promote accessibility and public safety. Effective surface water management was therefore critical to prevent hazards caused by standing water as well as water damage to buildings. Grates would need to be foot friendly as well as strong enough to withstand service vehicles, cars and trolleys.

ACO's Solution


  • In flat pavement areas, the KlassikDrain system can incorporate a 0.5% built-in fall to facilitate efficient drainage
  • Iron Wave Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates provides a decorative element with the continuous wave pattern. They are bicycle wheel compliant (AS 3996), safe for heels and wheelchairs (AS 1428.2). Additionally they’ve been tested to AS 4586 for slip resistance
  • Iron Wave Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates are certified to Load Class D (AS 3996)
Newcastle Street Redevelopment
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