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CAT Bus Depot,
Leederville Green WA

The Perth Transit Authority operates a free bus service for commuters and has recently added another route to its existing services operating around the Perth CBD area.

The Perth CAT bus service runs four routes into the centre of Perth from outlying transit hubs, train and major bus stations. The new Green Cat Service operates between Leederville Bus Depot and Perth CBD.

Significant improvements were required to upgrade the Leederville Bus Station which involved moving the footpath and noise barrier to create enough room for a bitumen double bus lane.

Designers were restricted by the width and depth available to design a traditional pit and pipe network.

ACO’s PowerDrain provided the perfect solution. The channel run could fit in the carriageway and required minimal excavation to install.

The grated drain ensures that all the surface water is removed during heavy rainfall, eliminating water splashing onto pedestrians. The anti‑shunt lugs on the PowerDrain also provide added security and stability to withstand the turning and braking action of buses.

CAT Bus Depot
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