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IMO Car Wash, Taigum, QLD

IMO is a global car wash company providing convenient locally based car wash locations. The conveyor car wash system can wash a car in less than 3 minutes and up to four cars at a time. The company is environmentally responsible, recycling 85% of the water used, treating the remaining wastewater to remove toxins and using biodegradable cleaning solutions. IMO meets stringent environment and recycling standards.

Project Design Brief

The IMO designers required that 100% of the used grey water would be captured and prevented from entering the stormwater system with strategically positioned linear trench drains around the car wash site. The drainage grates needed to be sufficiently robust to withstand the impact of heavy wheel loads and turning vehicles on the drainage system.

ACO's Solution

  • PowerDrain S300K with Iron Slotted Anti-Slip grates
  • ACO’s Technical Service Department provided designers with specific hydraulic grate intake data ensuring the correct grate was selected for the purpose


  • The PowerDrain S300K system has a 0.5% built-in slope in the channel enabling sufficient runoff to the outlet in large areas of flat pavement
  • Anti-shunt lugs ensure grates remain firmly in place and are not dislodged by excessive wheel movements and breaking from vehicles
  • The grates are designed to withstand heavy vehicles up to Load Class G (AS 3996)
IMO Carwash
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