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Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, Victoria

The Albert Park Circuit is a motorsport street circuit, built around Albert Park Lake. It is used as a Formula One circuit for the Australian Grand Prix and other Australian supercar events.

Project Design Brief

As part of a recent upgrade to the circuit, the pit lane area was extended. To remove rainwater as quickly as possible, designers sloped the pit lane area away from the complex and required linear trench drainage to capture rainfall efficiently. Critical for designers was the safety of drivers. Robust and specialist drainage systems were required to prevent grates from dislodging under speed.

ACO's Solution


  • The grates feature boltless and barless locking systems that provide easy fitting and removal, along with red safety clips to confirm that grates are locked and secure
  • The ductile iron edge rails of the channels have anti-shunt lugs that restrict grate movement under wheel loads – improving durability and longevity of the system
  • The 0.5% built-in slope in the system suited the pit lane that is constructed as flat as possible and still provide efficient flow in the drainage run to the outlet
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