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Forrest Place Information Kiosk, Perth, WA

The new information kiosk located at Forest Place, Murray Street Mall in Perth’s CBD, is a striking, fluid, modern structure that subtly contrasts with the surrounding historic architecture. The volunteers at the kiosk provide information about attractions and tours in and around Perth. The iconic structure acts as a meeting place and the design provides good sun and wind protection and a shaded area for visitors.

Project Design Brief

Designers wanted to ensure that rainwater would not enter the kiosk area and be efficiently removed from the flat pavement surrounding the kiosk. An efficient drainage system with pedestrian safe grates was required.

ACO's Solution


  • ACO Technical Services Department assessed the intake capacity of the specified grates to ensure water would not bypass the drain and enter the kiosk area
  • The KS200 sloped system provides 0.5% fall per metre of channel to ensure sufficient water run-off toward the outlet points
  • The Stainless 5 Star Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates provide pedestrian safety as they are slip resistant and are safe for stiletto heels
Forrest Place Info Kiosk
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