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Campbell’s Stores, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

Originally built in 1825 as a store house on Sydney Harbour, Campbell’s Stores is today home to fine dining restaurants and a bustling entertainment area. In 2019, Campbell’s Stores had a major refurbishment to restore the original sandstone walls, replace the 19th century roof tiling and install a new pavement area.

Project Design Brief

For pedestrian safety, designers wanted to keep pavement levels as flat as possible. Therefore, the drainage system needed to be positioned correctly to intercept surface water effectively. Designers also wanted the drainage system to be discreet and not upstage the historic area.

ACO's Solution

  • KlassikDrain KS100 with Double Brickslot tops
  • Based on the site-specific catchment hydraulics, ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with hydraulic data to confirm the slotted tops could capture the runoff


  • The 0.5% built-in slope of the KlassikDrain KS100 system allowed the pavements to be constructed as flat as possible and still provide sufficient runoff to the outlets
  • The Double Brickslot top has narrow slots for heel safety
  • The KlassikDrain KS100 channel system has integrally cast in grade 304 stainless steel edge rail and Double Brickslot top provides the satisfactory level of corrosion resistance required due to the proximity of salt water from Sydney Harbour
Campbell’s Stores, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

Other ACO products used:

  • Trench drainage systems (ACO Drain®)
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