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Wayville Train Station – Adelaide, SA

Wayville Train Station is a new permanent station built next to the Adelaide Showground, replacing the temporary station erected each year for the Adelaide Show. The station provides improved access for prams, wheelchairs and bicycles.

The drainage system needed to be of shallow depth, as it shares the space with the high number of concealed infrastructure services under the platform.
The platform is subjected to high volumes of regular foot traffic and the designers required a compact surface drainage system that is pedestrian safe, with a slip resistant surface and heel protection.

ACO’s 200mm wide SlabDrain met the complex design brief as it has an overall depth of 130mm and the system is shallow enough to be clear of the underlying electrical cables contained within the platform slab.

To ensure the commuters had a safe walking surface, ACO’s Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grate was chosen. It has a 7mm slot size and P2 rating (slip resistance classification for Wet Pendulum Test, AS 4586).

Wayville SA
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