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Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA

Rundle Mall, located in Adelaide’s city centre, is a popular shopping destination and meeting place. The mall opened as Australia’s first pedestrian street mall in 1976 and has 700 retail stores, 350 commercial businesses, three department stores and 15 arcades connecting to 10,000 sqm of public space. The Adelaide City Council recently revitalised the mall to create a more versatile space for social interaction, entertainment and cultural events.

Project Design Brief

The design brief from the council was to open up the area to allow the historic buildings to be seen, increase vegetation, improve access for disability, illuminate the mall at night, increase services for pop-up events and future proof from storm water damage.

“When it became a mall in the 1970s they didn’t change the shape of the street, leaving it undulating, and this led to accessibility issues as well as a real issue with flooding. That central drainage line needed to meander up and down the space; to get the right amount of water falling as it does in a natural landscape and we needed to make it shift. The idea of the ‘meander’ became very important both as a way of moving people up and down the space and as developing the pavement design in response to that.” Cassandra Chilton, Design Leader and Senior Associate, Hassell Architects – The Adelaide Review 08/09/14.

ACO's Solution


  • The stainless steel grate became an aesthetic feature, curving 500 metres from one end of the mall to the other
  • The QuickLok boltless locking mechanism ensured the grates could be easily removed for maintenance procedures
  • The Stainless Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates provided pedestrian safety in the areas of slip resistance, bike and wheelchair safety and stiletto heel penetration
Rundle Mall Adelaide
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