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Bribie Island Road

In 2005, the QLD Government released its South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan for the upgrade of the remaining sections of Bribie Island Road from Aerodrome Road to the existing four-lane section, east of Saint Road. The first stage of this upgrade was the Bribie Island Road and Bestmann Road Interchange.

The upgrade will allow safer, free-flowing traffic along Bribie Island Road whilst improving its flood immunity. The project is carefully designed to minimise the impact on existing properties along the road such as the one adjacent to Bestmann Rd.

At this intersection, the road alignment passes through flat terrain where over 250 metres of PowerDrain (200mm wide) trench drain was installed to provide continuous surface drainage along its length. This is critical for eliminating potential aquaplaning at the super-elevated section. PowerDrain is designed with anti shunt lugs and shock absorbing features to hold the grates in place whilst providing restraint from longitudinal wheel movement and general traffic vibration.

The extra heavy duty grates are ideal for the repetitive nature of the carriageway traffic. In the pedestrian access sections of the carriageway, AS1428.2-1992 compliant grates were selected for safety of pedestrian passage.

Bribie Island
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