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Gold Coast Airport, Coolangatta, QLD

The Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta is one of Australia’s fastest growing airports and is the 5th busiest international airport in Australia. Since it commenced taking flights in 1936, the airport has been transformed from an emergency landing strip to an international airport with passenger movements of 6 million people per year.

Project Design Brief

As part of an extension to the northern apron, a covered walkway linking the terminal to the boarding gates was required to ensure passengers could get on and off the aircraft without being exposed to the elements. Due to the extensive flat pavement levels, a robust drainage system was required to efficiently capture and remove all the surface water from the walkway with foot friendly grates to ensure passenger safety.

ACO's Solution


  • Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates ensure pedestrian safety requirements are met
  • S300K sloped channels have a 0.5% slope inside the channel enabling efficient flow to the outlet when installed in flat pavements
  • Anti-shunt lugs ensure grates are not dislodged by the various vehicles used airside
Gold Coast Airport
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